Fit For A King 釋出新曲影音 The Price of Agony

Fit For A King 釋出新曲影音 The Price of Agony 1

美國達拉斯 Metalcore 樂隊 Fit For A King ,發布了全新單曲 “The Price of Agony 痛苦的代價 ” 及官方 MV 視頻。選自將於9月14日通過 Solid State Records 發行的新專輯 “Dark Skies 黑暗天際”。
主唱 Ryan Kirby 說: “這首歌是關於政治分歧的,不僅僅是在美國,而且是在世界各地。 “這種分歧如何導致我們不僅不去同意他人,而且去蔑視不同觀點的人,即使在政治之外,我們都有更多的共同點讓自己相信”

Dallas metalcore band FIT FOR A KING has released the official music video for the song “The Price Of Agony”. The track is the second single off the group’s forthcoming full-length album “Dark Skies”, which is set for release on September 14 via Solid State Records.
“The song is about the political divide not just in America, but around the world,” states vocalist Ryan Kirby about “The Price Of Agony”. “And how this divide has caused us to not just disagree with others, but to despise people with differing views, even though outside of politics, we all have more in common than we allow ourselves to believe.”
來源:NOWED Records


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