Crossfaith 釋出新曲試聽 Catastrophe

Crossfaith 釋出新曲試聽 Catastrophe 1

日本 Metal / Hardcore / Electronica 樂隊 Crossfaith,將於8月3日發布全新專輯 “Ex_Machina 來自機器”。 官方帶來了全新單曲“Catastrophe 大災難”。
歌手 Kenta “Ken ”Koie 說:“在我們發行上一張專輯’ Xeno’之後,我們正在考慮下一個主題是什麼,我們決定’喚醒個性’,因為我們總是試圖創造新事物,這是樂隊態度的重要組成部分。
“Ex_Machina 來自機器”是一個概念專輯, 場景設置在未來,其中統治階級稱為天使,通過人工智能和其他技術維護他們的世界,使人們失去人性並有效地將他們控制。”
Japanese metal juggernauts CROSSFAITH will release their new album, “Ex_Machina”, on August 3. The disc features lead single “The Perfect Nightmare” as well as cameos from ENTER SHIKARI frontman Rou Reynolds and industrial hip hoppers Ho99o9.
On “Ex_Machina”, singer Kenta “Ken” Koie explains: “After we released our last album ‘Xeno’, we were thinking about what the next theme is for us. We decided on ‘awake the individuality,’ because we’re always trying to make new things and that’s a big part of the band’s attitude.
“This album is a grave warning for our future. I hope you guys listen to this and think about what the meaning of this album is for you and feel how you feel through this album and start something for your future.”
“Ex_Machina” is a concept album set in an alternative near future in which the ruling class, known as Angels, maintain their world through artificial intelligence and other technology, which dehumanises people and effectively turns them into drones — as explained in the opening title track, “Deus Ex Machina”.
來源:NOWED Records

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