Carnation發布全新歌曲"Hellfire" 1

Carnation發布全新歌曲"Hellfire" 2
比利時死亡金屬樂團 CARNATION,發布了全新的歌曲 “ Hellfire 地獄之火” ! 並特別配合了歌詞影片上線,以宣傳即將發行的新專輯 Chapel of Abhorrence 厭惡禮拜堂。
樂隊表示,“Hellfire 地獄之火”是即將推出的專輯的第二首曲目。這是我們在2015年為這張專輯寫的第一首曲目。這首歌描述了一個人在地獄中注定要被永遠折磨。由 Scott Rudd 製作的抒情視頻展示了Juanjo Castellano 為我們創作的,令人難以置信的藝術作品。該設計包含對專輯中幾首歌曲的歌詞的視覺參考。“
CARNATION have released a brand new song!
The new song, titled Hellfire, is taken from the Belgian death metallers’ upcoming new album Chapel of Abhorrence which is scheduled to be released in August this year.
Speaking about the track, the band says, “Hellfire is the second track of the upcoming Chapel of Abhorrence album. It was the first track that we’ve written for this album, back in 2015. The song describes one’s descent into a personal hell where he is doomed to be tortured for an eternity. The lyric video, made by Scott Rudd, showcases the incredible artwork that Juanjo Castellano created for us. The design contains visual references to the lyrics of several songs on the album.”
來源:NOWED Records

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