As Temples Collide 釋出樂團新曲影音 Revert

As Temples Collide 釋出樂團新曲影音 Revert 1

美國查爾斯頓 Nu Metalcore 樂隊 As Temples Collide ,帶來全新單曲 “Revert 恢复” 及 Cody Blue 執導的 MV 視頻回歸 。
As Temples Collide 成立於2013年, 曾與 Attila 和 August Burns Red 等樂隊合作巡迴演出 。2017年樂隊感到需要改變,樂隊的成員分道揚鑣,主唱 Jose Blanco 決定以個人去繼續下去。並開始與 Jonathan Dolese 合作,“Revert 恢復” 是他們所打造的第一首歌。
“Revert 恢復” 是為了在生活中消除有毒人群,並試圖阻隔消極氣氛的負能量傳播。憤怒的西海岸金屬核曲目交出了引人的電子氛圍,鋒利的吉他音調和鏗鏘有力的人聲。

Charleston, SC metalcore band As Temples Collide has been quiet for awhile, but today you can hear the new single “Revert.” The music video marks a new incarnation of the project.
Originally formed in 2013, As Temples Collide toured consistently and performed on stages with bands like Attila and August Burns Red, but the group felt a change was needed. Last year, the band parted ways and vocalist Jose Blanco decided to continue As Temples Collide as a solo act. During the renovation, Jose began working with Jonathan Dolese of Konkrete Studios and “Revert” was the first track they created.
Fittingly, “Revert” is about ridding your life of toxic people and trying to become mentally bullet proof to a negative atmosphere. The angry West Coast metalcore track delivers glitchy electronics, razor-sharp guitar tones, and pummeling vocals.
來源:NOWED Records


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