SOREPTION 新曲影音 Children Of The Automaton

SOREPTION 新曲影音 Children Of The Automaton 1

瑞典松茲瓦爾 Technical Death Metal 樂隊 Soreption ,發表第二首全新單曲 “Children Of The Automaton 自主學習系統機器的男孩” 及 Igor Omodei 執導的 MV 視頻,新專輯 “Monument of the End 末日紀念碑” 將於八月三日發售。 該專輯是加入 Sumerian Records 廠牌的第一張力作,同時亦是時隔四年,第二張專輯 “Engineering the Void 空虚工程” 的後續。
Soreption have premiered a music video for their new single “Children Of The Automaton“. The group had director Igor Omodei shoot the video with the song appearing on their new album, “Monument Of The End“. An August 03rd release date has been set for that outing via Sumerian. Immediate touring plans include their run on this year’s edition of the annual ‘The Summer Slaughter Tour‘.
來源:NOWED Records

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