Visitors 釋出新曲影音 "Apoplexia"

美國鹽湖城 Experimental / Progressive Rock 樂團 Visitors ,發表首張專輯 “Crest” (山頂),亦是2017年 EP  “Vortices: A Foreword” (渦旋:前言) 的第二章節。
為了配合宣傳,官方發布了全新單曲 “Apoplexia” (勃然大怒) 的 MV 視頻。
“Crest不僅是 Visitors 之前在2017年與 Vortices 推出的概念故事的延續和高潮,而且也是我們在十年的大部分時間裡一直在努力的聲音。“

Salt Lake City heavy/progressive rock band Visitors have released a music video for the track Crest off their debut album Crest , which was released on July 13th.
Crest is the follow up to Visitors most recent EP Vortices, A Foreword (2017) and acts as a continuation of a concept and storyline they introduced in that release. The forthcoming release includes nine new songs and was tracked, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio.
“What began as a work of fiction and musical expansion for us became one of the most intense and revealing pieces of our lives as both band members and friends. Crest is not only the continuation and culmination of the concept story that Visitors previously introduced in 2017 with Vortices, but it is also the next logical step in the sound we have been toiling away at for the better part of a decade. As the record and accompanying story unfold, the musical presentation takes a deliberate slow turn from elated manic opening phases, through a surrealism turned melancholic peak, and then down into a final cacophony of gracefully ominous darkness,” states vocalist Ian Cooperstein about the band’s debut full-length.
來源:NOWED Records


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