被 Prosthetic Records 捧上天的英國曼徹斯特 Blackened Hardcore 樂團 Leeched ,發布了全新單曲 THE STONE AND THE STEEL 及 Loki Films 為其執導的影音 ,以宣傳首張專輯 You Took The Sun When You Left。
樂隊說:“The Stone And The Steel 是我們個人最喜歡的專輯之一,它並沒有多餘的裝飾,而是直截了當。這同樣適用於視頻,具有完美的單一性。該曲目涵蓋了壓迫和生命衰敗的主題。我們希望它盡可能地表現強硬和暴力。這首歌並沒有遵循標準的結構,在寫作時感覺很自然。“
LEECHED have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track The Stone and the Steel, is taken from the rising Manchester hardcore trio’s upcoming debut album You Took The Sun When You Left which is scheduled to be released in August.
The new music video was recorded in their practice room in Manchester by Shaun Hodson of Loki Films and speaking about the track and video, the band says, “The Stone And The Steel is one of our personal favourites from the album. It’s no frills and straight to the point. The same applies to the video, and it was perfect as a single because of this. The track covers themes of oppression and the decay of life. We wanted it to be as hard-hitting and violent as possible. The song doesn’t follow a standard structure it progresses in way that felt natural when it was written.”
來源:NOWED Records


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