The Agony Scene 發布新專輯 "Tormentor" 釋出收錄單曲 "Serpent’s Tongue"

美國土爾沙 Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore 樂團 The Agony Scene , 即將於7月20日通過 Outerloop Records / Cooking Vinyl 發表第四張全新專輯 “Tormentor” (折磨者) , 官方特別發佈了曲目 “Serpent’s Tongue” (狡猾人群的惡毒之舌) 的 MV 。
吉他手 Chris Emmons說:“大部分唱片都有一個潛在的主題,那就是一個瘋狂的,操縱性的創作者,全人類的’折磨者’。” “這些歌詞也觸及了這樣一種觀點,即對這樣一個創造者的信念和無懈可擊的學說 ,在許多情況下都會導致一個更加混亂和黑暗的世界。”
*土爾沙是美國奧克拉荷馬州東北部的土爾沙郡首府,也是該州人口第二多城市。土爾沙附近是阿肯色河。這個城市的總面積是483.9 km²,總面積的2.24%為水域。土爾沙是美國第45大的城市和北美洲第93大城市。

THE AGONY SCENE has returned with a brand new song and video. “Hand Of The Divine” will appear on the band’s new album, “Tormentor”, out July 20 via Outerloop Records/Cooking Vinyl. It is THE AGONY SCENE’s first album since 2007’s “Get Damned” (Century Media), which was preceded by 2005’s “The Darkest Red” (Roadrunner) and 2003’s self-titled release (Solid State).
“There is an underlying theme to much of the record, and that is the idea of an insane, manipulative creator, a ‘tormentor’ of all mankind, if you will,” said guitarist Chris Emmons. “The lyrics also touch on the idea that an unquestioning belief in such a creator and an infallible doctrine can lead to a more chaotic and dark world in many cases.”
來源:NOWED Records


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