Walking Dead On Broadway 公布新專輯與新曲影音 Hostage To The Empire

成立初期,就被推舉為混合 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel 和 Chelsea Grin 的德國萊比錫死核樂隊 Walking Dead On Broadway,發佈了全新單曲 Hostage To The Empire 帝國綁架 及 MV 視頻。第三張新專輯 “Dead Era 死亡新時代” 將在9月28日發售。
Leipzig, Germany’s Walking Dead On Broadway will release their third studio album, Dead Era, on September 28th via Long Branch Records. Dead Era is about twitching skeletons in the closet of history, which ultimately never were dead. Dead Era is a synonym for their musical evolution because of the deathcore roots of the band. This chapter will be closed with this album.

來源:NOWED Records


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